Individuals, Families and Carers

What is Partners in Recovery?

If you have a serious and long-term mental illness it can be hard to access or manage the services you need to help you get better.

Partners in Recovery helps people with serious and long-term mental illness, and their families and carers, to access and coordinate the services they need for their recovery.


Who can Access Partners in Recovery?

If you, a family member or someone you care for:

• has a serious, long-term mental illness
• needs help from more than one service
• has trouble accessing or managing services
• wants to work with someone to make things better

then Partners in Recovery could help.

How does Partners in Recovery Help?

Recovery is different for everyone. You decide what it means for you and what you want your life to be like. Partners in Recovery can help you to have a hopeful, meaningful and satisfying life beyond your mental illness.

At Partners in Recovery you will have a PIR Facilitator. They will work with you, your family or carer to help you plan your recovery and get the services and support you need to get there.

Partners in Recovery is an initiative of the Australian Government.
Northern Territory PHN is the lead agency for the Northern Territory Partners in Recovery initiative

NT Partners in Recovery Agencies