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What is Partners in Recovery?

Partners in Recovery (PIR) helps people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs by coordinating the services they need for their recovery. 

Many people with severe and persistent mental illness need coordinated help from a range of sectors in order to recover from their mental illness. These individuals may have persistent symptoms, significant functional impairment and psychosocial disability, and may have become disconnected from social or family support networks or clinical and community supports.

Partners in Recovery helps different support services work together so that people don’t fall through the gaps.

Partners in Recovery supports people, their carers and families in their recovery by facilitating tailored ‘wrap-around’ care and getting multiple services to work together in a more coordinated and integrated way. Partners in Recovery brings together a range of agencies across the mental health, general health, housing, employment and training, and drug and alcohol sectors and acts as the mechanism that glues together all the services and supports within the region that a person may need to recover.

Partners in Recovery also has a broader reform agenda to improve overall care coordination, regional service provision, and systemic advocacy across the Northern Territory through developing stronger cross-sectoral partnerships.

Partners in Recovery is not a clinical service or a new ‘service’ in the traditional sense. Rather, it has a facilitation role to assist in finding and/or better coordinating existing services and supports.

Who can Access Partners in Recovery?

Partners in Recovery works with people who:

• have severe and persistent problems with their mental health
• have complex needs that can’t be addressed by just one support service
• can’t get the help they need from other places
• want to work with someone to make things better.

Partners in Recovery is funded by the Australian Government and has no cost to participants.

What are PIR Facilitators and what do they do?

Partners in Recovery providers have a team of experienced facilitators whose role is to help access and coordinate services for Partners in Recovery participants.

They work with participants, their carers and families to assess a person’s individual needs, develop an action plan and build a network of services and supports to help them recover.



How can I Send Someone to Partners in Recovery?

Referrals can be made by the participant’s family member or carer, or by a GP, psychologist, case worker or other service provider. Participants can also self-refer.


Partners in Recovery is an initiative of the Australian Government.
Northern Territory PHN is the lead agency for the Northern Territory Partners in Recovery initiative

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